Gum Infection

added on: August 17, 2012

This patient was referred from her general dentist for treatment of a persistent red mass.  She presented at the initial exam with a red mass on the gingiva in the maxillary anterior quadrant.  The patient was asymptomatic and the red lesion had been present for approximately 6 months.  After a dental exam was completed and all risk factors were ruled out.  A conservative excision with a rotary device combined with a deep cleaning to remove all bacterial plaque was completed as a first treatment option.  No complications were noted at the time of surgical treatment, and no sutures were required.  Resolution of the gum infection was noted in approximately 6 weeks.  The patient was pleased with the dental surgery outcome, and was amazed how painless the surgery was.  As a dental specialist in periodontics, I treat many types of gum infection.

Gum Infection Pre Op

Gum infection Post Op 


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