Replacing Dentures With Dental Implants

added on: August 13, 2015

Dental Implants for Trading Dentures

I have previously blogged about Dental Implants supporting a non-removable prothesis to replace a unwanted upper denture.  I thought it was about time to blog about this topic again, but showing a example of the lower arch.  The current patient was unhappy with her ill-fitting lower denture due to the lack of stability and inability to eat or function adequately.  This is a common complaint for lower dentures and it has been estimated that patients in dentures can only function at 30% compared to their natural teeth.  The problem is that lower dentures don’t have any natural retention to hold it in place.  Unlike a upper denture that acts like a suction cup, Patients have to train their tongue and checks to keep the denture in place.   Treatment started with radiographic analysis to determine if the jaw bone had the appropriate amount of width and height.


Mandibular Dental Implants

6 Lower Dental Implants


In collaboration with a restorative Dentist,  6 Dental Implants were surgically placed at 35 Ncm.  Immediately after surgical placement, a initial impression was completed to fabricate mounted casts.  The previously ill-fitting denture was retro-fitted to the implants.  The lower denture revision included screw retained attachments, removal of overhanging flanges, and proper occlusal contact with the upper denture.

Impression Copings / Dental Implants

Dental Implants / Impression

Occlusal View / Dental Implants

Top View / Dental Implants


Treatment was completed all in one appointment and included surgical placement of 6 implants with retro-fitting of the lower denture.  This accomplished the patients goals of a non-removeable alternative to a denture, that will allow her to talk, eat, and live like she never lost her teeth!

Denture Revision / Dental Implants

Dental Implant Access Holes

Dental Implants / Lab Casts

Denture Retro – Fitting


Interested in more information about dental implants, check out our Dental Implant Page.


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