Receding Gums with Inflammation

added on: October 26, 2012

Receding Gums & Inflammation

This patient was referred to me by her general dentist for receding gums with inflammation.  At the initial exam, I noted approximately 4  mm of recession on the upper right canine with inflammation and a blue discoloration.  Surgical treatment was performed with the goals of complete elimination of the inflammation and complete coverage of the exposed root surface.  A large amount of calculus was noted on the root surface with approximately 80% buccal bone loss.  The root surface was thoroughly cleaned and a dermis graft was utilized to gain soft tissue coverage.  A tooth colored restorative material was used to fill a abfraction lesion due to tooth brush abrasion.  The patient presented for a 6 week post op check with approximately 80 to 90% root coverage.  She was extremely happy with the treatment of her receding gums and reported that the procedure caused no pain.

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