How can a OKC Periodontist fix recession?

added on: February 21, 2013

Periodontist Treatment of Recession

Gingival recession is defined as the exposure of root surfaces due to the migration of marginal periodontal tissues apical to the cement-enamel junction (CEJ).  Gum recession can be linked to malposition of teeth, thin tissue, toothbrush trauma, and periodontal disease.  Typically, patients notice recession of their gums due to root sensitivity to cold.  Surgical treatment of recession has been performed by Periodontist to improve esthetics, decrease root sensitivity, and eliminate the patients’ concerns about the loss of teeth.  Multiple surgical  techniques have been utilized, including free gingival / connective tissue / acellular dermal matrix grafting.  Based on the type of recession, different flap designs, combinations of grafting techniques and flap designs, and regeneration approaches can be utilized.  Almost all surgical techniques produce statistically significant clinical improvements, different rates of success and predictability have been documented.  The most important factor in a successful outcome is the relationship between involved tissues and vascular supply.


The current patient was referred to my office for evaluation of generalized buccal recession in the maxillary quadrants.  Hard tissue charting showed approximately 4 to 5 mm of recession on multiple teeth in the upper left and upper right areas.  Pre operative pictures were taken (see below).  I recommended a modified tunneling technique utilizing a Perioderm Allograft as the best option for the patient.  The procedures were completed in one appointment and patient was released.  Post operative re-evaluation was completed 10 days and 6 weeks.  At the 6 week post operative appointment final pictures were taken (see below).  The surgical procedure produced 100% root coverage, increase in soft tissue thickness, and complete resolution of the recession.

Patients interested in surgical treatment of their recession, should ask their Periodontist or find a local Periodontist who is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology about surgical options.

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