Truth About Sensitive Teeth

added on: November 21, 2014

Sensitive Teeth Confidential

Every night I sit down to watch TV, and I’m inundated with commercials advertising the wonders of sensitivity toothpaste.  These commercials proclaim that if you have sensitive teeth to hot and cold, that simply using their product will cure your ailment.  These statements are a half truth at best.  I become even more irritated when I search these companies website.  I find statements about 9 out 10 dentist approve, and treatment options from fluoride varnishes, changing type of toothbrush, changing toothpaste, and even dental restorations to cover sensitive areas.  Never do they mention surgical treatment as an option to correct sensitivity.   I’ve decided it was time to elaborate on the Truth About Sensitive Teeth.  

The causes of sensitive teeth to hot and cold stimuli is due to exposed root surfaces.   Specifically, exposure is caused by the downward migration of soft tissue (gums) past tooth enamel into the root structures (cementum).  This mainly happens because of inflammation induced by the accumulation of a bacteria biofilm or toothbrush trauma.  Every patient is different and it is important to determine the primary cause of the recession.  I can not correct the problem If I don’t understand the cause of the problem.

If you are interested in ways to correct your sensitive teeth, visit my Gum Recession Page.

My professional treatment philosophy is to correct sensitive teeth by replacing  lost soft tissue (gums) with soft tissue (gums) when possible.  Basically, put back what was once there.  Accomplishing coverage of exposed root structures will eliminate sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli and the risk of root cavities.  As I watch these commercials, I can’t help and wonder if the 9 out 10 Dentist would disagree that surgical treatment to replace lost soft tissue is better than treatment with chemical warfare  or a dental restoration that may cause future inflammation and cavities.

The Truth About Sensitive Teeth is that sensitivity toothpaste may reduce a patient’s symptoms but not correct the problem.  Multiple factors contribute to this problem and how a patient presents.  If possible, surgical treatment to correct and regain lost soft tissue is not only the gold standard of treatment, it is best solution for long term success.  Somehow, these companies (Colgate & Sensodyne) didn’t get this memo!  Therefore, patients/consumers should ask questions and always become informed about all treatment options and don’t rely on companies that only care about their quarterly earnings.

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