Dental Implants OKC & Tissue Inflammation

added on: November 17, 2014

Dental Implants OKC

Patient, Bacteria, & Inflammation

A common concern for me and patients, is how bacteria induced inflammation affects Dental Implants.  There is a ongoing battle between bacteria and our bodies.  Specifically, bacteria around our soft tissue and bone supporting teeth and dental implants.  Our bodies fight pathogenic bacteria with two distinct response.   This is comprised of the innate and acquired  immunity.  These distinct sets of responses are activated and ultimately target the elimination of the bacteria pathogen.  The innate immune system is activated within minutes after invasion.  The acquired immunity requires 7 to 10 days before activation occurs.  A problem is clinically observed when colonization of bacteria in supporting tissues evades the patient’s immune response aimed at elimination.  Supporting tissue destruction results from the interaction between bacteria and the patient’s immune response (inflammation).  Simply stated, the bacteria does not directly destroy supporting tissues, but indirectly by the interaction with the host.  It is your body reacting in a specific way to the bacteria that causes the problem.

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Bulky Tissue / Dental Implants

I treated the current patient with three Dental Implants to replace missing teeth.  I clinically observed bulky (inflamed tissue) surrounding the abutments torqued into the Dental Implants.  The abutments attached to the Dental Implants serve to support the porcelain teeth.  The bulky inflamed tissue is clear sign that there is a interaction between bacteria and the patient’s immune response.  Therefore, the solution was to reinforce proper home care (brushing & flossing) with the patient.  After the patient started cleaning the abutments, resolution of the bulky / inflamed tissue was observed.  This is seen in the difference between the before and after pictures.



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