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added on: July 26, 2014

Teeth In An Hour 2 – OKC Dental Implants

I’ve previously blogged about “Teeth In A Hour” and how I almost consider it false advertising due to the fact that not every patient can be treated in this manner.  Patient’s have to present with adequate amount of bone to support immediately loaded dental implants.  If not, then additional bone grafting procedures are required or a poor outcome is likely.  I always tell my patients that “teeth in a hour” or “immediate implants” is a goal and not a guarentee.  Ethically, I refuse to treat my patients with unpredictable procedures that they desire.  It is my goal to discuss and analyze treatment options, and logically decide what is best for the patient.


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All that being said, I wanted to present a team approach to delivering a high quality dental implant supported full arch restoration.  This patient was initially referred from his General Dentist for upper dental implant to either support (removable) or retain (non-removable) restoration.  Based on the patient’s requirements, multiple implants would be utilized to retain a non-removable fixed hybrid denture.  Therefore, the first procedure to remove all remaining teeth was completed with simultaneously bone grafts.  The bone grafts were utilized to regenerate a adequate amount of bone height and width.  The patient’s General Dentist delivered a immediate denture post procedure.  After approximately 4 months of healing,  6 Straumann Tissue Level implants were placed non-surgically.  In a collaborative effort between I and the General Dentist, the upper denture was retro-fitted to the dental implants.  Therefore, the concept of “Teeth in a Hour” is better described as “Teeth in a day”.  The patient was extremely happy with the fixed restorations, and was able to immediately function without concerns of the denture falling out.

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