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added on: July 19, 2014

Minimally Invasive Dental Implant Surgery – OKC

Minimally invasive dental implant placement offers several advantages over the more traditional approach.  My patients typically report less bleeding, minimal pain & discomfort and often appreciate the decrease surgical time.  Of course, not all cases can be performed in this manner.  Pre-surgical requirements include sufficient amount of bone height and width and adequate quantity of keratinized tissue.  I’ve come across several patients that these factors were not adequately evaluated before another Dentist placed the dental implant.  The most common result includes a dark shadow through the gum tissue were the dental implant is not supported by bone.  A radiographic 3D CBCT is a extremely helpful tool to correctly diagnose if the patient is a candidate for this type of treatment.  Also, these scans identify vital anatomical structures such as mental foramen, mandibular canal, and maxillary sinus.


A minimally invasive dental implant treatment modality has a extremely high long term survival rate.  This is attributed to careful diagnosis, treatment planning, and following proper surgical protocols.  A recent multi center study, reported a 99% 4 year dental implant survival rate with increased bone height and osseointegration.  When indicated, a flapless approach shows superior clinical results when compared to a more invasive technique.  This technique requires experience,  formal training, and awareness of vital structures.  Adverse outcomes can inflected on a patient if this approach is taken lightly.  These can include temporary or permanent loss of feeling (numbness), uncontrollable bleeding, exposed dental implant threads, and dental implant loss.

 Interested in Dental Implants and how they can be placed in a minimally invasive way?  Check out the Dental Implant Page. 


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