Trends In Implant Dentistry

added on: June 28, 2014

Implant Dentistry Trends

Recently, I’ve come across a troubling trend in Implant Dentistry.  Several patients, either referred by their General Dentist or on their own accord, have presented with Dental Implants surgically placed in the maxillary sinus without adequate bone.  One patient was asymptomatic and one reported symptoms of chronic sinusitis.  Typically, if a patient doesn’t have enough bone for upper posterior dental implants, than I routinely perform a sinus augmentation before dental implant placement.  Sometimes I simultaneously perform the sinus augmentation and dental implant placement if 4 to 5 mm of bone height is present for implant stabilization.  The overall success rate for Dental Implants placed in sites treated with a sinus augmentation is statistically no different ~97% than sites not requiring a bone graft.  However, the overall success rate greatly decreases when Dental Implants are place into non-grafting sites that require it.  In other word, Dental implants placed directly into the sinus where it is partially or fully lacking bone support.

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My current case represents this trend in Implant Dentistry.  This patient presented for possible treatment to replace missing teeth.  Clinically and radiographically examination revealed previous treatment with Dental Implants, and more importantly that a posterior implant was placed directly into the sinus.  The patient reported having no symptoms and I estimated approximately 60% was basically floating in air without any bone integration.  I performed a sinus augmentation to regenerate adequate bone height and to visually inspect this dental implant.  After elevation, I confirmed that the implant was half in bone and half in the sinus.  Based on long term prognosis, I removed the dental implant and completed the sinus augmentation.  Implant Dentistry treatment is a very effect and predictable treatment modality to replace missing teeth if short cuts are not performed.




Implant Dentistry & Sinus

Radiograph shows a single dental implant placed directly into the Maxillary Sinus.



This is my first attempt at making a video concerning Implant Dentistry, therefore I apologize for the quality.


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