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added on: June 12, 2014

The Death of a Dental Appliance with Dental Implants.

Dental implants are a superior option to replace patients teeth in a very natural way and regain complete function.  They can also be used to retain loose fitting appliances and dentures.   The four major treatment options utilizing dental implants include:  fixed, removable, combination of fixed and removable, and no treatment.  Today’s dental patient is often educated through internet research and marketing, making it vital that I understand their treatment desires before treatment begins.  Sometimes, my patient wants may not correlate with what they needs.  Key to success for me and my patients is finding the point where “wants’ meet “needs”, and providing therapy which satisfies both.  Also, long term prognosis should be considered along with patients “wants” and “needs”.  Currently, depending which long term study you read, success rates concerning dental implants range from 93% to 99%.

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The current patient had worn a upper dental appliance “partial” to replace his missing teeth.  He never enjoyed the way the appliance fitted or functioned, and was interested in a different treatment option.  Based on his reported “wants” and my clinical assessment of his “needs”.  A guided bone grafting procedure was performed to gain adequate bone height and width.  Three Straumann were surgically placed, and subsequently restored with three individual porcelain crowns.  Therefore, treatment of this patient with dental implants brought about the death of his removable appliance “partial”.





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