Dental Implant Restorations

Dental Implant Tissue Management

added on: March 20, 2014

Dental Implant Tissue Management Does the type of tissue surrounding dental implants affect their long term prognosis?  Previous review articles have failed to support or disprove this concept.  Although many Periodontist (specialist in dental implants, gum disease, and soft tissue) have long believed that a lack of keratinized gingiva (pink… Read More

Correction-Recession & Inflammation

Why do my gums recede & bleed? – OKC

added on: February 22, 2014

Why do my gums recede & bleed? There are several factors that can cause recession and persistent inflammation in localized areas of gingival tissue.  A common factor includes lack of keratinized tissue surrounding natural teeth.  Keratinized tissue is defined as the distance between the mucogingival junction and the free gingival… Read More

dental implants pre restorative

Compromised Esthetics / Dental Implant – OKC

added on: February 14, 2014

Dental Implant Esthetics There are several factors that contribute to dental implant esthetics.  These include position of the dental implants, distance between implants and teeth, and anatomy of remaining bone.  Many patients present with deviations from ideal that contribute to difficulties that jeopardize the esthetic outcome.  Gingival papillae is the… Read More

Patient Tribute

added on: January 21, 2014

Patient Tribute Recently, my staff and I lost a wonderful patient and friend, Bill Wildey.  Bill became a patient in the practice under the care of Dr. Allen in 1980, and was a dedicated patient for 33 years.  I personally had the pleasure of meeting and treating Bill for 3… Read More

Dental Implant & Titanium Allergy?

Allergy to Dental Implants?

added on: December 24, 2013

Could You Be Allergic to Dental Implants? Recently, a patient verbalized a concern about being allergic to dental implants.  I have not surgically placed a dental implant on this patient – his concern stems from a previous failing complete knee replacement.  His medical doctors had mentioned that this might be… Read More

Dental Implants & Dental Tourism

Dental Tourism

added on: December 13, 2013

Dental Tourism Recently, I’ve had a influx of patients referred to me that have had a large amount of work completed in foreign countries “Dental Tourism”.  Dental holidays or tourism is when a patient seeks treatment outside of their local health care providers.  While patients seek treatment outside of the country… Read More

Oklahoma County Dental Hygienists’ Society Meeting

added on: November 19, 2013

Oklahoma County Dental Hygienists’ Society Meeting Oklahoma County Dental Hygienists’ Society’s next meeting is coming up soon! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 19th at 6:30pm at the NEW Oklahoma Board of Dentistry office. Address: 2920 N. Lincoln Blvd., Suite B, Oklahoma City, OK 73105. (The NEW Board office has… Read More

Excess Gingival Display

Altered Passive Eruption (Gummy Smile)

added on: November 1, 2013

Altered Passive Eruption (Gummy Smile) I blogged about what people perceive as an ideal smile, and how a gummy smile can detract from the perceived attractiveness of a smile.  Several factors can contribute to the clinical characteristics of a gummy smile.  These include gingival overgrowth, altered passive eruption, short clinical… Read More

Prognosis-Dental Implants & Gum Disease

Gum Disease, Smokers, & Dental Implants

added on: October 24, 2013

Gum Disease, Smokers, & Dental Implants Can patients with a previous history of gum disease and/or smoking be treated with dental implants?  This is a complicated question with a case by case risk assessment required.  I will try to answer this question by reviewing a very thorough review article published… Read More

Does tissue grafting hurt?

added on: October 11, 2013

Does tissue grafting hurt? A majority of patients that require some type of soft tissue graft ask the question “Does tissue grafting hurt?”, and a majority of these patients already have a preconceived notion that it does.  This is due to patients asking friends and family the same question that… Read More

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