Dental Implant & Patient Satisfaction – Oklahoma City

added on: April 30, 2014

Dental Implant & Patient Satisfaction – Oklahoma City

Dental Implant rehabilitation of patients with missing teeth is an established treatment with predictable outcomes.  They can be restored with fixed (non-removable) restorations or attachments to support a denture or partial.  Traditional treatment protocols require 3 to 6 months healing before the restorations can be attached.  Recently, to reduce the treatment time, early and immediate loading protocols have increasingly been used.  Every patient is unique and their anticipated satisfaction can vary greatly.  Typically, fixed (non-removable) restorations require more dental implants and adjunctive treatment (bone grafting) depending on the number of missing teeth.  Removable restorations require fewer dental implants and shorter treatment times.  Patient satisfaction is determined by financial requirements, severity of post treatment pain, and did the treatment accomplish the patient’s objectives. A Dental implant consult appointment allows me to clearly understand my patient’s goals and customize treatment to accomplish these goals.  My objective to my patients is to make sure the accepted dental implant treatment will meet their goals of form and function.  


Unrestored dental implants

Dental Implants Before Crowns




Dental implants with final restorations cemented.

Dental Implants with Crowns

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Current Patient

The before and after pictures above are a example of a patient that I treated with 2 dental implants.  The patient had very specific goals and criteria for success.  I discussed all treatment options with him, and we decided that 2 implants to replace missing teeth with non-removable final crowns was ideal.  The patient was extremely satisfied with the final result.  Contact our office today, and see how treatment with dental implants can help you regain form and function.


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