How dental implants can help you! Oklahoma City

added on: April 18, 2013

Dental Implants -Oklahoma City

The current patient was referred to me for treatment of two hopeless posterior teeth due to recurrent decay and failing root canal.  The hopeless teeth were extracted and grafted with MTF DFDBA cortical particles and a resorb-able membrane.  The patient was allowed to heal for approximately six months and no complications were noted.  During this time the patients body regenerated bone height and width for proper placement of dental implants.  Two Straumann wide neck dental implants were placed in proper occlusion.  The dental implants osteointegrated over three months of healing.  Two solid abutments were torqued into the implants and the patient was referred to his general dentist for permanent crowns.  The patient was very satisfied with how dental implants helped replace his hopeless teeth and regain function.  See pictures below.


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Root Canals vs. Dental Implants

An ongoing discussion in dentistry is whether root canal treatment compete with dental implants for long term success.  A current study in Clinical Implant Dentistry set out to answer this very question.  The purpose of the the study was to compare the predictability of an 8-year period on the basis of an analysis of survival data and a retrospective clinical study.  Thirty one patients with both root canals and dental implants were followed for eight years.  The current results showed that the root canals had a success rate of 83.34% and the dental implant success rate was 80.8% at the end of eight years.  The authors concluded that there is no statistical significance between the survival rates of root canaled teeth and dental implants.  In summary, I believe that teeth should be saved with root canal therapy over placement of dental implants, as long as, prognosis of the teeth isn’t decreased by gum disease and gross decay.

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